Massage for Dogs

Do dogs need massage therapy? Dogs also get old and develop pains and aches related to age. They sometimes get injured or strained after long days of activity or agility-fun sessions. They can’t speak to tell us where it hurts, but they also experience pain. The way they show it can be very subtle, sometimes their behaviour changes, sometimes the way they use their body changes, sometimes their performance gets affected, sometimes they limp.

They deserve the best care to be able to fully enjoy the short lives they were given. They deserve to sleep comfortably with no pain, to be able to run and chase the ball, to walk by you without suffering, to be useful until their last day. They deserve to be happy and playful around other dogs without fear of pain.
Massage can help ease chronic pain in elderly dogs, can reduce scarring post-surgery and recover of range of motion after injury or joint operations. It can aid recovery post-events and can ease stiffness or spasms. Soft tissue therapy helps recover the biomechanical balance of their body so they can use all their muscles in a healthy way preventing further injuries or pain and rehabilitate those already existent.

If you think your dog deserves a check-up, or needs treatment, contact me!

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A F Pet Therapy, Bespoke Commercial Phot
A F Pet Therapy, Bespoke Commercial Phot
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