Welcome to A.F. Therapy! My name is Abi Fernandez

and I built this business with loads of care and passion.

I hope you get to love it as much as I do!


A.F. Therapy core values are:





    Respect for the individual

      Customer Commitment

These values move me to keep myself up to date with the latest knowledge and techniques and to learn from the best professionals in order to bring a variety of skills to my daily practice with the ultimate aim of giving you the best quality service and treatment you can experience. My job is my passion and being able to help you is my drive. 

I have trained with some of the best osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapist, chiropractors, massage practitioners, shiatzu practitioners, doctors and nurses, animal physiotherapist, animal sports therapist… All this alongside 14 years of experience as a nurse, helped me develop a very unique way of mixing different approaches to individualise the holistic care I provide to my clients. This means you can actually benefit from a varied mix of techniques and types of therapy without needing to chose only one of them. You can experience the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release and Soft Tissue Mobilisations, Joint Mobilisations, Spinal Mobilisations, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuro-Muscular Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, Taping, Cupping, Stretching, Emotional Release Techniques, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, alongside other massage tools, depending in your needs or preferences.

I specialise in breathing work, pelvic and lower back pain, either choric or acute, and postural alignment, and over the years also built my expertise in body work in clients with emotional distress, anxiety or stress disorders, which usually suffer from the previous conditions and benefit massively from the emotional release effects some massage techniques can offer. Still, my skills and knowledge allow me to successfully treat sports injuries, work related injuries and other pains or complaints you might present with. There is no age limit to attend an appointment. I have helped people at the end of life and elderly people wanting to feel fitter or become more active. Anyone deserves to feel better, no matter the age or background. 

At A.F. Therapy it is all about you.

Some people don't like massage or being touched, or can feel ashamed of their bodies. Well, I am more than happy to give treatments through the clothes and adapt my approach so the session does not feel very "massagy". A.F. Therapy is your safe place, where you can share your concerns and receive the help you're after, with no judgements. 
In order to reach your personal goals you might need to engage in a rehab or prehab programe. You can receive that help also at A.F. Therapy. If you are willing, I can provide you with the right exercises for you. If you prefer you can attend Personal Training sessions with myself, where the activity is adapted to your unique needs and goals. From preventing falls to improve your sports performance at the Iron Man while staying free of injury, the fitness classes are accesible to everyone. And what can be better than receive fitness assistance from someone that knows your body needs and understands your biomechanics and movement patterns? I can understand your body needs in a way other Personal Trainers cannot.

But A.F. Therapy is not only health for humans, all these values and services are now accesible to your pet as well. I do believe dogs are more than "just dogs", they are part of the family and so they deserve to enjoy the same level of well-being and health as you do. At A.F. Therapy all dogs are welcome, from agility athletes to ageing dogs. The same as their owners they will all be assessed individually and treated with respect at all times. I have always had dogs myself and attend training classes with both obedience and behavioural training for both my dogs on weekly basis. I also take them to, at least, 2 socialising activities every week. All these experiences have helped me get in contact with numerous different dogs and get to understand different breed traits and dogs body language and psychology. 
Dogs cannot speak with words, but they will still be listened to and I will make sure they find A.F. Therapy is also their safe place.

I am very happy A.F. therapy was so welcomed in Wales when we moved from Bristol in 2018, I manage to keep a 5-star rating in both of my Facebook pages and in both of the google pages as well! It seems these values are working well. if you want to read some testimonials you have a few at the bottom of this page. All this wouldn't happen without constructive feedback, so please feel free to speak to me about anything you think could be improved! 


So that's me and the way I love to run my clinic, but if you want to know more about me, personally, you can find out more below.

Croeso i A.F. Therapy! Fy enw i yw Abi Fernandez a dwi wedi sefydlu’r busnes gyda llawer o ofal ac angerdd. Dwi’n gobeithio y byddwch chi’n dod i’w garu cymaint â fi!


Gwerthoedd craidd A.F. Therapy yw:





   Parch tuag at yr unigolyn

  Ymrwymiad i Gwsmeriaid



My name is Abi Fernandez.

I have always been into manual therapies.

As a child, I struggled with some health problems and as a teenager, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which had me in constant pain for years. Massage along with physical therapy helped me recover from aches, pains and injuries.
Later in time, I suffered from PTSD, anxiety, agoraphobia and depression and, on numerous occasions, physical therapy and massage helped me achieve physical, mental and emotional comfort.

I studied nursing more than 14 years ago. During my degree, I learned some massage and osteopathy techniques, which made me want to specialise more in the field.
I worked as a nurse in several different settings and specialities and got to love every minute of it! Nursing taught me to connect to people and to provide high-quality holistic care. I feel so blessed I learnt so many interpersonal skills at the same time as I grew my medical knowledge and helped others. I still keep my Nursing Registration and as a nurse, I truly believe massage and physical therapy are invaluable to maintain the quality of life and to keep both the emotional and physical wellbeing. And there is so much research backing this up!

Nursing was great, but for years I felt I needed to develop new skills so I could help my patients in pain with a different approach. That's the reason why I decided to return to  the student life and develop a career in soft tissue therapy and bodywork.

Getting to understand how the human body works inside and outside is my passion!


My ultimate dream came true when I had the opportunity to study how to apply all this knowledge and techniques on dogs as well! I love dogs and being able to provide them with a better life is a dream come true.
As a dog owner I have seen a few of my dogs struggle with pain from cancer, arthritis, surgeries, strains and sprains.  Working with humans as a Massage Therapist made me realise how powerful manual therapy and soft tissue therapy can be. Eager to offer the best to my own dogs I decided to study Canine Myotherapy. As a dog lover I do believe dogs are family members and deserve the best loving care. They should be able to enjoy walks, agility sessions, play dates or just a simply night sleep without pain. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and love being able to help others live without pain. So happy I can offer this service to dogs now, helping them enjoy their short lives with the highest quality of life.


- Nursing Degree, NMC
- Holistic Massage, MTI
- Remedial and Sports Massage, MTI

- Massage in women's health

- Massage in pregnancy

- Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation Technique

- Traditional and Kinesiology Taping 

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage

- Myofascial Release

- Canine Myotherapy, SFTR

- Studying Canine Merishia Massage, Strengthening and Rehabilitation

I am registered with NMC, CNHC, MTI, Association of Merishia Massage and SFTR, which proves that the training I received and continue receiving meet the high standards of nationally recognised training programmes, and show that I work according to all 5 rigorous codes of conduct, adhere to the Veterinary Act when working with dogs, and meet the Continuous Professional Development requirements for all Nursing, Massage Therapy and Canine Myotherapy. I am also fully insured for all the disciplines I advertise.

"Abi helped a lot with my legs and gave me some great after care. thank you very much"


—  A. Coswell

"Abi is a thoughtful and compassionate practitioner. Her thorough knowledge coupled with her compassionate approach makes her a great practitioner"

"Abi adapted the session to attend my ongoing need but also fitted in the area she identified to be stiffened. Excellent assessment that Abi is able to follow through and make a difference to areas of the body in need of attention."

— J. Dymond

"Felt do much better emotionally after the massage. Abi listened to what I needed and worked to relieve the symptoms"


—  S. O'Keefe

— R. Pitchers

"Abi is a wonderful massage therapist: caring, professional, intelligent and perceptive. I felt like I was in great hands. She was very sensitive both physically, finding just the right degree of pressure and the muscles that most needed to be worked, and psychologically, maintaining the perfect balance between checking-in to make sure I was comfortable and allowing me to float into my own thoughts. I can highly recommend booking a treatment with her, and will definitely be back myself!"


—  I. Vernia

"A.F Therapy is absolutely perfect for a relaxing and/or pain relieving massage. This therapist will quickly put you at ease with her caring and professional manner, ensuring you understand all aspects of your therapy. I highly recommend."


—  K. Foster

—  H. McLeod

"Very professional and knowledgeable. Having had issues with my back for years and seen various professionals over this time. Abi is the only one to have highlighted exactly what’s wrong, guided me with home exercises and for it to be actually working!! Highly recommended Abi"


"After my first consultation and fist treatment I have found such a difference in movement & flexibility in my shoulders it's amazing. I certainly will be going back. Thank you Abi....Amazing"


—  W. John

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