The following policy has been developed according to the MTI and CNHC for both your protection and my own protection.


Before your session


- You will need to sign the risk assessment and initial consultation forms online prior to yoru appointment


Only 1 client at a time will be allowed inside, which means those under 18 won't be receiving appointments yet either.

- You will be contacted 24h before your appointment time and will be asked to check your temperature and the temperature of everyone in your household. If anyone has a temperature of 37,8 or higher, persistent cough, or loss or change of the sense of taste or smell, your appointment will be rescheduled.
(if it is you having the symptoms, you could come back after 7 days. If it is someone you live with who has the symptoms, you could come back after 14 days, unless you are ill). You will need to inform asap if you develop symptoms. The cancellation policy will show flexibility in this matter


- If anyone in your household has had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you will need to delay the appointment until after the self-isolation.

- I will also check my temperature every day, and if this is higher than 37,8 or I have any other COVID-19 symptoms, the appointments will be cancelled immediately and I will self-isolate.

On arrival

- On arrival it will be me opening the door for you, and as much as I wished I could, I won't shake hands or hug you as usual.


- You can choose whether you want to wear a facemask or not.

- You will be asked to leave your shoes in a plastic box before entering the room.


- You will be asked to wash and sanitize your hands before taking a seat.

During the session


- The sofa will be covered with a PVC/wipeable protector, but will still be cozy.

- If you want water you will need to bring your own


- Your clothes will be left in a plastic/wipeable box.

- The massage table will be stripped from the fleece, extra padding and heated blanket, and only covered with a disposable sheet, which will be safely disposed after the session.

- Pillows will be covered with a PVC/wipeable case


- No towels will be used. Clothes will be protected from stains with paper sheets, or larger disposable sheets will be used if you get fully undressed.


- The window will remain opened all throughout for appropriate ventilation.


After the session

- The toilet won't be accessible, as this is inside of the house and no visitors are to be allowed inside.


- Cash payments will be accepted, but contactless payments are preferred when possible. You will be allowed to pay via BACS beforehand, online or using contactless. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are encouraged as you can pay larger amounts with contactless technology.

- If you have a fidelity voucher you will be asked to cross the box yourself, you will need to bring your own pen for this.


- Extra time will be scheduled in between patients to perform a deep clean of the room. This will affect the amount of slots available each day.

Our safety is my number 1 priority and therefore I am extremely happy to receive so much guidance on how to proceed once the doors are finally re-opened. It is not too much if it can keep us all safe. In the end this will be temporary and soon will be looking back knowing we did well.

Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and collaboration.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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