The following Risk Assessment has been done on 6th April 2021 by Abi Fernandez, to comply with the Welsh Government guidance for Close Contact Business returning to work, the Health and Safety Executve (HSE), the regulation 21 of The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) Regulations 2020 and the public health legislation and guidance to control COVID -19 and other public health risks, before the opening date 12th April 2021. It has been developed following the guidance of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and the General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (GCMT).
As per the Welsh Government advice, this risk assessment is now displayed here to demonstrate to all the clients and guests that I have properly assessed the risk and taken appropriate measures to mitigate this.

Each risk area is listed in big letters below and the actions taken to protect both me and my clients are listed below

Before accepting bookings

I have received the green light to return to work from the Government and my Professional Association

I have you checked my insurance

I have sourced PPE and cleaning equipment
I have taken a COSHH course and feel confident that I am ready to reopen are ready?

Taking bookings

Each new potential clients receives a pre-session consultation 

Consultation forms and and consent form get sent by email for completion before sessions

Before each client, I make an informed decision whether to massage or not

Each client receives guidance on the online forms sent by email if they are allowed to come
Clients get booked with sufficient gap either side

Client arrival procedure

Clients stay in their cars until I come out to receive them

Only those with mobility issues or under 18 are allowed to bring companion

Key workers need to change out of work clothing & shower before coming

Client are asked to leave coats / bags in car
Clients need to be wearing a face mask before entering the room

I am fully dressed in PPE before the client arrives
These points are communicated to clients via online forms and in the website.

Front door and client greeting

I am the one opening the door for the clients

Clients need to  remove their footwear and wash their hands when entering the room

Clients are informed via online forms emailed to them about these points


Rugs have been removed

Rugs used for dog clients get steam cleaned and disinfected every day

Hard floor gets washed in between clients

Surface areas

All surfaces are kept clear of clutter, books etc.,

All surfaces are disinfected between clients

Documents brought by clients are scanned and added to online notes 

All books, testers, products for sale, posters etc  have been removed from practice room

Business cards are kept away in drawers

Chair for clients

The sofa has been covered with thick PVC, that can easily be cleaned between appointments 

Storage of client's belongings

A plastic storage container has ben source for clients to place their belongings

Their clothes can be left on top of the sofa, which is covered with PVC
Container and sofa is cleaned after each client.

Massage couch, pillows, towels...

No couch covers are being used

The couch is covered with a PVC cover that gets washed after each client
Face cradle gets washed after each client 

A sheet of couch roll is used to cover the couch and the face cradle and its changed after each use 
Pillows have PVC pillow cases that are washed after each client

No towels are used, only paper if needed. Clients are informed via onlien forms

Laundry procedure

All couch roll, cleaning clothes and used PPE and aprons are disposed of in a separate bin liner and kept in another room. 

Time for full clean of practice space

A minimum of 30 mins is left between clients, to ensure cleaning products have time to work properly, before the next client arrives. 

Ventilating practice room

The window remains open while seeing clients

The window remains open while cleaning the room between clients

Therapist's hygiene protocols

Jewelry is removed before coming into work 
I was my hands with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds) on entering clinic and then sanitise hands

I put on face mask / covering before client arrives and wear at all times when dealing with clients
I wash my hands with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds) after each client I wash my hands with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds) after cleaning practice room between clients
I remove all work clothes after cleaning practice and washed at 60° or above

Use of oils

Disposable wooden spatulas are used to take the oil out of the container every time

Oil containers are washed every day after work

Client consultations

Clients are sent a new consultation & declaration form, plus the standard consultation document via email to be completed

Existing clients are contacted the day before to fill in a form checking on their health, 

There are allowances regarding cancellation fees, should someone cancel at short notice due to Covid-19 symptoms 

Taking payments

Electronic methods to take payment prior to each session are offered to clients the day before if no COVID symptoms, to avoid using card machines or cash

Direct bank transfers are also offered to clients
Cash payments are put in an envelope and left until the end of the day

Electronic card machine is sanitised between each client

Booking schedule

I arrange to have plenty of time between booking clients to enable adequate cleaning & disinfecting time

COVID vaccination

Treatments are adapted if the vaccine has been received recently, eg no massage on the shoulder where the vaccine was applied