All the T&C's from the previous page still apply to Dog Massage Treatment Sessions, please make sure you read them and understand them.

Veterinary consent 

Accordingly to the Veterinary Act, animals will not be treated without the prior authorisation of their Veterinary Surgeon. You can download the referral form from HERE to print and take to your vet. Or you can contact me and I will make sure the referral form gets signed before the appointment.

Dog Safeguarding

Treatment will only be provided if I consider it is safe for the client to receive. Some dogs can show distress and fear when attending the 1st appointment. The treatment will always be carried out with an approach of respect and listening to the dogs needs. There is different ways of making the dog feel comfortable but every dog is different and some might need more time to settle and trust. The session will be terminated if the dog's levels of distress increase or whenever the dog's cues show it has been enough. Also, breaks will be taken every time the dogs needs to. In the case of a fearful dog, hands on techniques will only be applied when the dog feels comfortable. This means the initial sessions will still be charged but there might not have as much time of massage, depending on how the dogs feels. Every session will be tailored for your dogs needs, and creating a rapport of trust is vital for the long term benefit of your dog.

Health and Safety

Owners will be present at all times during the treatment session and will provide adequate restraint apparatus.

A. F. Therapy does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any accident/injury sustained either by the animal or the animal’s handler whilst the animal is undergoing massage treatment.

Video and Photographs 

A.F. Therapy reserves the right to use video footage and photographic stills taken during treatment sessions. These will be used to assess the development of the case and if your dog is super cute he might star in a Facebook post.

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