New Year´s resolutions? Let me help!!!

It's New Year's Eve! Already! Time flies!

I cant help but feeling motivated to set myself some goals every New Year... Beginnings are so exciting aren't they?

And because I do, I think most of you do as well! Some talk more openly about them... some just hope for the new year to bring the best.

And by "the best" we all usually mean HEALTH, PEACE, WELLBEING, HAPPINESS, FAMILY, LOVE...

How to get there? Some of you might be thinking about exercising more, some of you might be thinking about finding more time for yourself, living a more relaxed life, feeling fitter, being pain free, moving houses...

Well, you know what? I can help you with those goals!

If you want to go back to a training routine but your body feels

achy or you still have pain from previous injuries...

If you are afraid of injure yourself again because your body use is not the best due to muscle weakness or lack of exercise...

If you want to maintain a treatment routine to make sure your performance is the best...

Book a massage!! We can set a light exercise routine for you to strengthen those weak muscles, helping you train free of pain and injuries. And I can help you maintain your muscles subtle and healthy so your performance is always the best so you can continue challenging yourself. Exercise is such a good goal, don't let any excuse dissuade you from getting more active and fit in 2018.

Are you getting married in 2018? Are you becoming a mum or dad? Are you moving house?

Your body will be challenged then: the stress of the change can make you feel tight and stiff. Breastfeeding postures can cause aches and the lack of sleep won't help either. Pregnancy makes your body change and so do the way you move. Still after the birth of your baby you might continue experiencing pains and aches.

Moving heavy furniture and decorating a new house can also cause low back pain or other aches...

Don't let all those complaints take the joy of the moment, make sure you get the treatment you need!!

Would you like to feel more relaxed, to sleep better, to find time for you to unwind from your busy life?

Book a massage!! Massage does not only reduce pain and aches, it also helps relax your body and mind, improves breathing and digestion, makes your body release happy hormones and decreases anxiety and stress. Just the fact of engaging in the routine of MAKING time for yourself, while being pampered with a nice background music can help you feel better!

Do you want THE BEST this new year? Make something about it, stay in touch and book and appointment. Let me help you have a fit, healthy and pain free 2018.

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