Oh yes I am! And who isn't now a days? We spend so much time sitting at desks, holding our hands up on a wheel while driving, looking down when using our phones, typing on keyboards and making use of so many equipment that is far from ERGONOMIC!!

I am usually very aware of the posture of my back, neck and shoulders at work, but for months I had been neglecting my hands and wrists!

I have to admit I also spent evenings using the laptop on the sofa as well.. oh yeah! I also do that!

And all in all, because of my bad postural habits, my wrists were very achy for a couple of weeks. I really really need my hands to give massage, so I needed to start looking after them!

Can you see what my mistake was? I started observing my hands at work every time the pain started and... look at the photo! One of my colleagues suggested me to use a small support to help keep the right alignment of the wrist... and well, it helped!!

If you change desk all the time it is impossible to have everything ergonomically set just for you: the seat, the screen, the armrests... Ideally we would all have split keyboards but... who does! So what else can you do if your wrists ache from typing?

Well I promised myself I would learn to type properly in the next months... I'm with the basics at the moment and trying to use all the fingers when typing, that allows my wrist to be in a more neutral position all the time.

I also started to stretch loads and it definitely helped!

To my clients I usually give stretching routines they can put into practice any time of the day, anywhere. Just because that is what works for me!

I love these 2 stretches on the left... They relieved all the tightness on the wrist flexors and, as you can see, they can be done even on the sofa and in pijamas! If it aches, just do it!

And yes, Of course I also stretched at work... On my break I usually go for a walk to stretch my legs and also do some quick stretches sitting and standing... For a couple of weeks I included stretches for my hands and forearms. Those on the right are some of them.

Skin rolling and self massage worked great as well! And totally loved, loved, loved cupping and taping. They worked wonders!

We spend too many hours of our days doing unnatural movements, using equipment that challenge our body. We really, really need to stretch every day! In pijamas, with no make up, in your breaks at work, on the toilet, in the car, while brushing your teeth or while waiting for the kettle. Look after yourselves! After a whole day of bad posture, pamper your body, stretch! If that's not enough, come for a treatment, there is many other techniques we can use as well to help release the tension in your muscles.

If you are not sure what stretches to do, which muscles to stretch or how to get rid of aches and pain, book an appointment.

Fight aches with movement, fight stiffness with stretches, stay flexible, stay fit, stay healthy!!