Bad posture, is it that bad?

What is posture? What is bad posture?

Posture is the way we hold our bodies in an specific position, it can be standing, sitting, or during an specific activity or sport. A perfect posture evidences good muscle tone, good muscle balance and healthy, free of pain muscles und underlying structures.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone having a perfect posture all the time.

What are the effects of a bad posture?

If we sit on the sofa or at the desk slumping all the time, the natural curvatures of our spine will get affected. If our lumbar spine loses its natural lordosis, the pressure in the intervertebral discs increases and we can suffer from pain! If we stand with a tilted pelvis due to short hamstrings or weak core, our shoulders and neck will protract, causing back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches... and eventually maybe even respiratory restrictions!

Most of the bad posture habits develop at work, where we spend long hours standing on our feet or sitting, getting tired and losing awareness of our body.

A strong core, muscle memory, awareness of correct movement pattern, stretches to recover specific muscles

and treatment to correct the muscle imbalances or shortness will help to improve your posture and alíviate long term aches and pains!

If you need help improving your posture or want to know if your posture is the source of long term pain, come see us and get a full assessment done on your first appointment!