I want my pain sorted, but I don't like massages!

Have you ever felt like this?

Would you like to get rid of those aches and pains but you don't like getting undressed or being touched or getting a massage at all?

You don't have to worry, not all the treatments include a massagy massage!

Soft tissue therapy includes loads of different techniques to help your tissues recover, massage is just the generic word we use for all those therapies that include touching you, but it does not need to feel massagy if you don't want to.

In the initial consultation I always ask my clients what they want from the treatment. Everyone comes with a different expectation. Some people want to relax at the same time they get some problem sorted, some people don't want to be active during the treatment and prefer to lie on the couch and have things done. On the other hand other people want to be involve in the treatment, they need to know what's going to happen, they are chatty, they want to know why I'm doing what I'm doing, and are more than happy to participate actively in the treatment. Sometimes the same person comes with different expectations or needs depending on the day they had or on how they feel.

You need to know, that whatever style you like, you will always be in charge. If you don't want to take clothes off, I can do most of my work over your clothes. If you want more or less pressure, you just need to talk to me and I cant adjust the treatment to your own tolerance. Also most of the times I can find the perfect combination between relaxing and focused massage, allowing you to have some "me time" while still addressing those specific areas needing attention, using tailored techniques to help your problem.

Depending on the area needing attention you will be asked to move on the couch in order to adopt different positions so I can address the tissues on the best way possible. It does not feel very relaxing if you need to turn over every 10 minutes, so again, not all the treatments are relaxing!

Some of the techniques we can use if you really don't want a massage are:

- peripheral joint mobilisations and spinal mobilisations. These help to smooth the movement of achy joints, decreasing the stiffness of the soft tissues around them and nourishing the cartilage of the joints.

- neuromuscular technique. Helps reduce tender points and trigger points by applying pressure on the specific area to treat. This technique can get rid of referred pain on other areas.

- muscle-energy technique. By using some gentle contraction of the muscles we can lengthen them and improve the motion of some joints.

- strain counter-strain technique. A pain-free technique that works wonders in spasm and very painful muscles that don't tolerate much pressure

- soft tissue release. This includes some movement of the joint or joints close to the tissues that need work. Sometimes I move the joint myself, sometimes it works better if you do it.

- lymphatic drainage. helps reduce the swelling on inflamed areas.

- myofascial release. One of my favourites. A very slow stretch of the fascia that helps correct posture and recover mobility in areas of restriction and stiffness.

- strapping or taping. could be applied after all the techniques above.

Massage is for everyone, those looking for an indulgent, pampering treatment, those wanting an injury gone, men, women, elderly and young...

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