Are you getting enough sleep?

Having a healthy sleeping pattern is not just about making you feel better or avoid dark circles and puffy eyes. Getting the right amount of sleep have amazing effects on your daily life and your sports performance!

Most of us need between 7 and 9 hours of good-quality sleep a night to function properly. We alle, at some point, experienced a bad night sleep and the fatigue, short temper, lack of focus that follow the next day. At that stage our general health won't get affected. After several nights without sleep you might start noticing mental effects of the lack of sleep. It also increases your chances of having an accident. The main problem is the continuous lack of sleep, which can have an effect on your general health and can make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

We are all busy nowadays and seems the days are not long enough, but SLEEP IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME!

This are some ways good quality sleep can help you.

1/ SLEEP BOOST IMMUNITY. Prolonged lack of sleep disrupts your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections and colds. When you are stressed you have higher cortisol levels in your body. Long-term stress has a dampening effect on your immune system. Massage helps reducing the Sympathetic Nervous System activity and balancing the stress response, but if you want to maintain these effects, you need to start getting a good night sleep and a good rest and repair time.

2/ SLEEP CAN HELP YOU LOOSE WEIGHT. Loads of the people I have been treating lately have started to get ready for the summer, training more and sometimes dieting. Well, studies show that not sleeping enough will reduce the levels of leptin in your body, making you more prone to weight gain. If you want to have a beach body, training, treatment and diet will need to be complemented by a good night sleep.

3/ SLEEP BOOSTS YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING. Some other people come for a massage because it helps with their mood, anxiety or depression. There is loads of research in how therapeutic touch can help with these. Sometimes it's about finding time for themselves, and finally disconnecting from the busy world. Whatever is bothering your mental health, you should always consider that lack of sleep will affect your mood and keep you stuck in the anxiety loop.

4/ SLEEP IMPROVES YOUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE. Different studies have been carried out in football players, tennis players and swimmers, showing that a regular long night sleep of up to 10h improves the average sprint time and decreases the daytime fatigue. if you are getting ready for an event, alongside treatment and training, you should consider sleep as s key factor for your success.

Problems getting asleep?

If there is any pain disrupting your sleep, contact us! We can also give you advice about sleeping postures to avoid back or neck pain.

A good sleep hygiene is basic to help the body get in the mood. Create a routine just before going to bed. Avoid cheese, alcohol, smoking or heavy food just before bed.

Try mindfulness or relaxation techniques. If your breathing is restricted due to anxiety or respiratory problems there is some techniques that can help improve your breathing mechanics.

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