I finished the marathon! Now what?

Congratulations!! so many weeks of training, stress and expectations have finally paid back! Well done!

But your body still needs attention, this is NOT the finishing line. What can you do next:

- REST: your body needs to repair. Give yourself a couple of days without running or doing any intense sports or activities. Stay active though to avoid joint stiffness and soft tissue adhesions

- EAT food with carbohydrates and proteins to help recover the stores of energy in your muscles and repair the exercise-induces muscle damage. Treat yourself to a nice dish of pasta!

- DRINK plenty of WATER or isotonic drinks to replenish your fluid balance. And you know what? A study shows that Beer has an anti-inflammatory effect thank you to its natural anti-oxidants. But please, go for the alcohol-free option!

- STRETCH gently during the next days, include stretches

in your daily routine, ideally when your muscles are warm,

maybe after a nice bath or shower.

- Go for a MASSAGE: research shows that massage after an extenuating activity helps reduce the Delay Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and after such an intense period of training, it is always nice to get pampered and looked after

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