Mental Health also aches

Mental health is still today a hard topic to talk about. So many taboo's and so much stigma and prejudice move people to hide their mental health issues from others. Or what's worse, loads suffer emotional or psychological distress ignoring they have a problem and therefore without understanding they could receive help and support. How sad is that!?

At A.F. Therapy we care about your mental health, mostly because we care about you, but also because your mental health has a massive impact in your physical health! How so?

There is hundreds of studies, most of them from recent years,

showing this conexión between mind and body. They show that chronic pain is not only caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues. In particular, people who have experienced trauma and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are often at a higher risk to develop chronic pain.

Also, some studies show that negative emotions can drive pain. Feeling of fear, anger, sadness or depression put people in a 3 times higher risk of developing chronic pain and also delay the recovery from injuries.

This results in a cycle that is difficult to break as chronic pain is also often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness, depression and anxiety, which feedbacks the pain.

I lived with chronic pain myself for over 12 years, under the care of different consultants, pain team, taking up to 17 tablets every day, unable to go out socialising or to have a normal work life. Pain can make you feel alone and lonely, sad, miserable, and old no matter your real age. No one deserves that! And I don't want anyone to go through the same. That's why I started my training in holistic massage and sports therapy with the passionate belief that I could help people feel better, physically and emotionally.

No matter if is a long term condition or an acute pain, that's the way your body is talking to you and is asking you to do something about it. In my case I needed loads of massage, physical therapy, rehabilitation, years of psychotherapy, mindfulness, exercise… and its an ongoing job! Every new injury is a challenge and needs more time, more treatments than regular and also loads of emotional work to recover!

This holistic approach is the way forward and proof of this is that the finest clinics and practitioners from all over the world are adopting this way of addressing pain, even offering coaching sessions in some clinics. It is such a relief knowing that mental health starts to be something patients can talk about when they attend treatments! The world is changing.

Is your pain making you feel hopeless or sad? Is your stress or difficult emotions causing you physical pain? Take action and make sure you're heard.