The following T&C's been developed in order to protect both you as a client and me as a therapist. 

Privacy Policy

All the personal details provided are handled according to the General Data Protection regulation. I don't share private details with 3rd parties. For more details, please read the Privacy Policy HERE

Also, all the information shared during the treatments is private and confidential


Cancellation Policy

A strict 24-hour cancellation notice applies.

If cancellations are made with less than 24-hours notice I may not be able to fill the time slot. For that reason, if you give less than 24-hours notice or if you don't show up for your appointment, the service will still be charged at full cost. If an invoice is sent, it will need to be paid within 7 days.

No other appointments can be made until you make the payment via bank transfer. I reserve the right to request upfront payment for future bookings.

Late Arrival Policy

Late arrival will result in a shorter treatment, as the session will still end at the scheduled time. Full service fees will still be charged.


Payment Policy

Payments will be made either upfront or at the time of the appointment.

Cash, card payments and bank transfers are accepted. If paying via bank transfers should be made prior to the appointment. Cheques are not accepted.

If you are redeeming a discount of gift voucher, please make it known the time of the booking.

Infection Control Policy

Appointments should be cancelled or postponed in case of infectious diseases, such as cold, flu symptoms, and diarrhoea or vomiting, giving as much notice as possible.

There is a separately policy for COVID-19, which you can read below.

Inappropriate Behaviour Policy

Treatments will be immediately terminated if any inappropriate behavior takes place. This include verbal and physical aggression or sexual misconduct. Sessions will still be fully charged.



Patients will be responsible to inform of any changes in their dog's health and to share any information that may condition the treatment plan.

Website and Social Media Content

Photography or content consent must be obtained in writing if you have any intention of using any content from A.F. Therapy. 

Veterinary Consent

Accordingly to the Veterinary Act, animals will not be treated without the prior authorisation of their Veterinary Surgeon as per the latest guidance from RCVS. You will be informed on how to proceed before the session.

Dog Safeguarding

Treatment will only be provided if I consider it is safe for the client to receive. Some dogs can show distress and fear when attending the 1st appointment. The treatment will always be carried out with an approach of respect and listening to the dogs needs. There is different ways of making the dog feel comfortable but every dog is different and some might need more time to settle and trust. The session will be terminated if the dog's levels of distress increase or whenever the dog's cues show it has been enough. Also, breaks will be taken every time the dogs needs to. In the case of a fearful dog, hands on techniques will only be applied when the dog feels comfortable. This means the initial sessions will still be charged but there might not have as much time of massage, depending on how the dogs feels. Every session will be tailored for your dogs needs, and creating a rapport of trust is vital for the long term benefit of your dog.

Health and Safety

Owners will be present at all times during the treatment sessions(COVID restrictions apply during lockdown) and will provide adequate restraint apparatus.

A. F. Therapy does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any accident/injury sustained either by the animal or the animal’s handler whilst the animal is undergoing massage treatment.


Video and Photographs

A.F. Therapy reserves the right to use video footage and photographic stills taken during treatment sessions. These will be used to assess the development of the case and if your dog is super cute he might star in a Facebook post.

COVID-19 Policy

The following policy has been developed according to the MTI, GTMC, CNHC and Government Guidelines for both your protection and my own protection.


Before your session

- You will need to sign the risk assessment and initial consultation forms online prior to your appointment

- You will be contacted 24h before your appointment to fill in the forms and will be asked to check your temperature and the temperature of everyone in your household. If anyone has a temperature of 37,8 or higher, persistent cough, or loss or change of the sense of taste or smell, your appointment will be rescheduled.

(if it is you having the symptoms, you could come back after 7 days. If it is someone you live with who has the symptoms, you could come back after 14 days, unless you are ill). You will need to inform asap if you develop symptoms. The cancellation policy will show flexibility in this matter

- If anyone in your household has had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you will need to delay the appointment until after the self-isolation.

- I will also check my temperature every day, and if this is higher than 37,8 or I have any other COVID-19 symptoms, the appointments will be cancelled immediately and I will self-isolate.

- Key workers need to change clothes and have a shower before the session, instead of coming straight from work.

On arrival

- On arrival It will be me coming out to greet you and your dog.

- Only in those special cases, where I need help handling the dog or if the dog has separation anxiety, the owner will be allowed inside.

- It will be me opening the door for you, and as much as I wished I could, I won't shake hands or hug you as usual.

 - If you're allowed inside, you will need to wear a facemask

- You will be asked to sanitize your hands before taking a seat.

During the session

- The sofa will be covered with a PVC/wipeable protector, but will still be cozy.

- If you want water you will need to bring your own

- The window will remain opened all throughout for appropriate ventilation.


After the session

- Cash payments will be accepted, but contactless payments are preferred when possible. You will be allowed to pay via BACS beforehand, online or using contactless. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are encouraged as you can pay larger amounts with contactless technology.

- If you have a fidelity voucher you will be asked to cross the box yourself, you will need to bring your own pen for this (this has proved messy in the past, I have now developed a tracking system, but please, continue to tick the boxes off)

- Extra time will be scheduled in between patients to perform a deep clean of the room. This will affect the amount of slots available each day.


Our safety is my number 1 priority and therefore I am extremely happy to receive so much guidance on how to proceed once the doors are finally re-opened. It is not too much if it can keep us all safe. In the end this will be temporary and soon will be looking back knowing we did well.


Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and collaboration.